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The name's Rainbow Dash. You may know me as the best flyer in Equestria, but that's the old me. With Fluttershy at my side, I have more better things to pursue. Leave me some questions and we might answer them.

WARNING: This blog is considered grimdark and contains blood/violence/dark material.

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[[Part 1 of KD’s flashback story!

I’m sorry this took a while, but I had fun drawing all of your OCs! I’m sure there will be another opportunity for more OCs in the future, so don’t worry if you couldn’t get in. I’m planning on this to take 3 parts (not completely sure yet, but that’s what I’m shooting for).]]

All OCs featured belong to their original owners.

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    (Ha, thank you for featuring both of them~)
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    :D I’m in the first panel Thanks so much
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    Upper left second pic is my oc yay
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    Yeah. Criz saw me jump once from the moon. THAT was what i call flight.
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    meh ive seen better flight shows than this
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    Oooo You’re a background pony now. Cool!
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    Waaaaaait…. I didn’t see it for a second but… HEEEEEY HEY YOU GUYS THAT PURPLE UNICORN IN THE FIRST PANEL IS PONY...
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