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The name's Rainbow Dash. You may know me as the best flyer in Equestria, but that's the old me. With Fluttershy at my side, I have more better things to pursue. Leave me some questions and we might answer them.

WARNING: This blog is considered grimdark and contains blood/violence/dark material.

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And…sweet dreams…


Hey guys! I can finally announced that I’m open for commissions! Above you will see several examples of each type I offer (I personally don’t like doing lineart, but if you really want something with lineart, we can work something out):

  • Sketch: $2
  • Flat Color: $4
  • Shaded with simple background: $7
  • Shaded with complex background/detail: $10-12 (price will vary with amount of complexity/detail)
  • *NEW* Chibi Ponies: $5 each
  • Extra Characters: $1-2 (price will vary with amount of complexity)

For the moment, I’m only really skilled on MLP:FIM and Pokemon related content. 

I DO NOT DRAW NSFW/NUDITY! Blood/gore/suggestive themes are okay! 

You can contact me at either:

  1. (mod blog) <—Preferably here!

Basically, you submit your references/descriptions, and I’ll give you a price and make a rough sketch for you to approve. Any changes you want will be made, and once you decide you like it, you pay that price and I move on to the finish product. All commissions will be posted on my mod blog, and I’ll send you a link to it when it’s posted.

Any other questions you may have should be directed over to my mod blog!

[[Updated it a bit more for newer examples! I’m a bit stuck right now while I search for a new job. so I’ll keep commissions open.]]

[[Sorry for the wait! I finally got through my busy month and can finally relax now that I’m a high school graduate! So updates should continue more smoothly now. Thank you for your patience!]]

And you guys think we’re related…haha…reeeeal funny…

[[I just logged in and OMGG! 1000 followers already?! I’m speechless! This is super incredible! Thank you, every single one of you! <3

I’ll totally starting thinking of an idea for the next contest or something. It might be a while because I’m beginning to juggle school and playing softball. But stay tuned! :D]]

Wooo! Happy 1 year anniversary of AKD!

[[It’s always a shock to me how far I’ve come since my first post. I’m glad this blog has helped me improve my skills and I hope it will continue to do so. 

But I couldn’t have done it without all 934 of you! Wow! Almost 1000?! I might just die :3

I can’t thank you all enough for your support. You’re all beautiful ;w;]]

Heya! Heres your Killer dash with Steels design! You were the one who first gave me my very first Fanart! It is still one of my favorites! Your are and will always be amazing! Keeping being awesome! XD


[[Awww I didn’t even realize that! I’m so glad you like it! Thank you friend, and you stay awesome too! :3]]


Ahh yeah! It seems everyone is using the Steel Strings look now! Its the newest thing since Swiss Cheese! :3

280 Followers….. Wow…. Never thought I would EVER get this far. I know i’ve said that in the past but, seriously, wow! XD

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Again. Thanks to all those who follow, I apologize if you didnt make it into this, but I did as many as I could do at the time being.


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